NW Industry offers

N.W. Industry offers an extensive selection of first-class, high-end outdoor furniture made to match and enhance any outdoor living space. As our products are attractive, practical, comfy, and one-of-a-kind, they are created to last for generations.


The Shades Collection

Yasin Aziz Textiles also manufacture an extensive selection of awnings and sunshades in Pakistan to complement outdoor areas. Accordingly, we offer the biggest assortment of colors, fabrics, and patterns based on your unique budget. Therefore, we reply to any specific demands you may have. Additionally, there are numerous color options for finishes. Choose one that complements the aesthetic of your outside environment. Because we only utilize premium materials, we can guarantee the highest level of functionality.

Remember N.W. Industry is a name among commercial outdoor furniture and amenities, offering outstanding products manufacturers. We can meet all of your needs, from playgrounds and parks to swimming and restaurants, thanks to our vast professional knowledge. Give us a call now to make the most from our outdoor furniture products.